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Where Constraint Meets Freedom

The Philippine Star, May 2022

Jessan Macatangay's award-winning master's graduation collection at Central Saint Martins is a love letter to Filipina women


The New Classics

The Philippine Star, January 2022

Fashion designer JV Librea on understated elegance

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In A City That Reads

The Philippine Star, March 2022

Independent bookstores that are redefining Paris' arts and cultural sector in an increasingly digital world

Bold New World

MEGA Magazine, November 2021

Redefining home amidst the anonymity of a new city

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Gender Studies

MEGA Magazine, March 2021

A lot still has to be done for the country to move past gender discrimination

Surface Tension

MEGA Magazine, November 2020

While some relationships fall apart during the pandemic, others grow stronger


Craving Satisfied

MEGA Magazine, September 2020

These days, comfort food is just as good as a warm embrace. Three chefs share their comfort food of choice.

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Vanessa Matsunaga-Sunga 

MEGA Magazine, January 2020

The model has always possessed a wisdom beyond her years

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Feels Like Home

MEGA Magazine, April 2020

Siargao's iconic Bayud Boutique Resort represents so much more

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To Be or Not to Be 

MEGA Magazine, August 2019

Growing up with the unwanted opinions of outsiders can get in your head

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The Silent Killer

MEGA Magazine, January 2018

Not as obvious as a wound or a scar, the effects of emotional and verbal abuse may be equally damaging

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Eat Your Greens

MEGA Magazine, March 2018

Three chefs show us that eating your vegetables can be appealing as well

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It Takes Two

MEGA Magazine, January 2018

More than just masters at what they do, hairstyling duo Jude Hipolito and Rose Velasco school us on the power of listening


A Jewel of a Book 

Philippine Daily Inquirer, November 2016

Pandora's worldwide campaign celebrates the individuality of every woman

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